Saturday, December 30, 2006

About 3somes For The Week

About 3Somes-For-The-Week:

3Somes is a writer's prompt blog, similar to the blog muse prompt sites, such as the Friday 5 that's given birth to the many other blog prompts out there. The exception to this site is that it's been developed for writers who blog and enjoy the challenge of writing from prompts.

How this works:

Each week (Sunday), a new prompt will appear here.

Give it some thought and write your "assignment" then post it to your site/blog. In your entry, please include a link back to this site, preferably directly to the prompt that inspired your entry.

Come back here, directly to the entry with the prompt you responded to and add a comment announcing you've completed your assignment and be sure to include a link to the entry (not just your blog/site, it needs to be directly to the entry).

If you're a regular, be sure to add 3somes to your blogroll and feel free to request in the comments that you'd like your site to be included in this site's blogroll.

Also, we've created several buttons and a banner you can download and use on your site, linking it back to 3somes. To get a button or banner and for more information, check out the [ Button, Button Who Has The Button? ] post.

What's in it for me?

Some prompt sites offer merchandise, others have prizes and so on. What is in it for you if you take on the 3Somes challenge? Two things. First, you're developing your writing skills and talents. Second, you're increasing hits to your site.

Okay, so what's in it for you?

The same. The opportunity to continue working on writing talents and skills, offering prompts more for writers not mere lists for blog muses, and increasing those hits.

Got a FAQ?

At present, no. But in time there's every chance there will be one added, so check the navigation links for one. If you do have a question or comment, just add it to the comments here.

Thanks and enjoy 3Somes-For-The-Week!